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Vanda G
Solisten Vanda G
The Vanda G Phenomenon
Vanda G is truly a phenomenon. Vanda arrived in Europe 5 years ago from the East Coast of America and has since thrilled and excited so many audiences across Germany and Europe with a unique blend of singing and performing talent, versatility and, above all, personality. As a result of the wonderful reception she received and the countless fans and friends she has found, she never made it back to the US and has now settled in Germany.
Through her presence and talent, Vanda has been asked to share the stage with some of music's great names including Patti Labelle, Kool and the Gang, The Pointer Sisters, Wilson Picket, The Weather Girls and Les Brown to name but a few. She has also made numerous television appearances both in Europe and in the US. Vanda is also a talented song-writer and currently has a big hit with xxxxx on the Heaven CD from D.J. Sammy which looks likely to sell over one million copies worldwide.
Vanda's repertoire is extraordinary ranging from modern R&B (...), rock (...), soul (...), jazz (...) and recent hits (e.g. Cher, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner) through to oldies (...), disco classics (...) and evergreens such as Frank Sinatra. Vanda has also made numerous gospel tours with a formation of friends spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ in the form of wonderful uplifting music. Those lucky enough to have experienced one of her gospel shows talk afterwards of feeling hope, excitement, healing, love and new life. A true enrichment.
Through her charm, versatility and entertaining ability, Vanda can offer perfect shows for any occasion. Vanda is a favourite at international trade shows and has worked extensively for numerous corporate clients including BMW, Renault, Honda, 3i, Wella, Lufthansa, Michelin, Sennheiser and many more. Vanda's amazing gift of being able to excite and engage an audience and create a buzzing party out of a sterile get-together also make her ideal for Xmas and other private parties, opening ceremonies and celebrations of all descriptions.
But it is above all Vanda's incredible stage presence which captures her audiences. Vanda is a true performer who always gives from the heart. She is one of those very rare artists who can create a real sense of intimacy and intensity at the same time, equally captivating for an audience of one as for one thousand. This has led to talk of the 'Vanda Experience".
One fan summarised his thoughts: "Vanda has enough charisma to light up a medium-sized town, her voice has enough power to change the weather and she performs with such feeling that even Donald Rumsfeld would be moved to hold hands with his wife ...".
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